3D Automation team is composed by young, highly qualified and motivated people, with a passion for the world of automation and technologies in general, who provide their expertise, their availability and their ability to work the best solution for all your needs. This makes the 3D Automation is your best partner for automation.


3D Automation is able to satisfy innovative and sophisticated requirements in the field of industrial automation. It has the necessary technical skills to develop applications on different types of platforms and with the most varied programming languages such as:
– Delphi, Visual C ++, Visual Basic, Java, C#, Php
– Labview, Codesys
– SCADA (Wonderware)
– TIAPortal, FactoryTalk View
It also has experience in the development of machines with on board PLCs of the major worldwide manufacturers (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique, Omron), axis control (Fanuc, IndraWorks, Elau) and vision systems (Cognex, Advanced Technologies).


3D Automation has developed plants, machines and test systems that cover a wide variety of files in industrial automation, gaining extensive experience in these fields and technologies.

Water purification

Using a Siemens PLC we realized a FAULT-TOLERANT plant, that was able to operate with failures of the management system (PLC), in order to ensure continuous operation of the plant, and made possible maintenance without stop the activity.

Load/unload containers

We realized a plant in one of the most famous Italian ports for loading / unloading containers from cargo on trucks and vice versa. This was made by using a PLC, a supervision PC in addition to WIFI antennas, in order to exchange data with a data collection system located at about 2 km.

Testing batteries

3D Automation has made benches for testing mobile phone batteries. The test bench was composed of 40 CPU PC104 format, with an appropriate hardware designed by 3D Automation, to simulate the cycle of loading and unloading of the batteries, during normal operation. Via PC was possible to define the cycle of loading / unloading of the batteries and record its performance. The CPUs were connected via ethernet to the PC used as supervisor

Testing pumps, Speed limiter

We made test machines for the products of a renowned Dutch manufacturer factory. The products (used for automatic greasing of the suspension, automatic engine oil filler and the speed limitation according to the specific European standards), are installed on trucks and construction equipments owned by the most famous companies in the world such as Mercedes, Renault, Volvo, Daf, Caterpillar etc.We also realized the testing of an integrated system used by DHL and the German Post, to track packages – delivered and to be delivered – installed on vehicles.The test above mentioned must verify whether all the functions built into the device are working (send/receive SMS, telephone, barcode readers interface, parking sensors,cameras for visibility of the complete dimensions of the vehicle from the passenger compartment).

Packaging machines

3D Automation collaborates with one of the most famous companies in Europe, for the development of software for managing their machines. These types of machines have a high degree of integration, complexity and use of high technology. The machines are sold all over the world to major food manufacturers.
Robot arm Engine production Industrial 4.0 of things technology using controller

Industry 4.0

We study and realize bidirectional links between production machinery and business project management systems, detect and analyze data aiming for a neat and exact management of the production flow, as requested by the regulations in force.

Special application

Gluing machine for shoe manufacturers
A conveyor belt leads the soles ( different for shape, height, color and size) to the entrance of the plant where, through a vision system with cameras and laser triangulation, the profile of the object is rebuilt. The glue spray takes place without stopping the flow of soles in transit and always orthogonal to the profile of the object and with constant distance.
Machine for grinding scissors
The software, developed on the PC platform, allows the user to graphically design the profile of scissors (of all types) or to build the desired profile by self-learning. The execution of these processes takes place in interpolated way and allows, thanks to the 6 degrees of freedom, to perform all the necessary operations to obtain the finished part from the the blank.


Creation software for managing machines and plants for industrial automation in various fields.
interface against digitally generated black and blue matrix

Automatic service H24

Implementation of technical chatbots on business websites, complementary to the traditional service, in order to answer questions and to offer suggestions H24 in case of specific requests about malfunctioning, consulting of manuals and online electric schemes, ordering spare parts.


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